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La caza del lobo congelado

Coedición del libro de Ricardo Cases

March 2009

Big cities concentrate more and more population and the city-dwellers —separated from their origins and from the face to face battle with nature— feel the need of going back to the countryside from time to time in order to retrieve the experience of the authentic and somehow remember that they are still men.

However, what the urbanite is looking for in the countryside is not a wild land but a domesticated space where he can have (i.e., consume) that kind of experience. Thus, the hunting reserve


becomes every year a stage ready to welcome armed city-dwellers looking for strong sensations, a stage where animals have been fed all the year-round and where almost nothing is really left to chance.When the hunting is over, despite the fact that he has taken part in a cruel and bloody show, the city-dweller will get home with a feeling of not having found what he was looking for.


Cuadernos fotográficos de la Kursala / 13
Fiesta Ediciones 2009

Diseño Natalia Troitiño (N2 Estudio)

Imágenes Ricardo Cases

Edición Fosi Vegue, Ricardo Cases y Natalia Troitiño

Texto Luis López Navarro

Tapa blanda con camisa de plástico

80 páginas
21x14 cm

Vídeo del libro

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